Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Surrogate Sea

This week marks the release of the newest Wilderhark Tale: The Surrogate Sea. To celebrate this most momentous of occasions, Wilderhark's gracious author Danielle E. Shipley has provided a letter she wrote to Wilderhark's dearest monarch: King Edgwyn Wile.

Dearest Edgwyn,

            I’m sorry I keep doing this to you. Exhausted as your own adventures have made you, I know you’d rather get put through it all again and again than watch your little ones struggle and suffer.
            I’m not a parent. Not technically. And of course I don’t love as wholly as you do. Still, I am author. My darling characters are my babies. I know what it is to hurt when they hurt, and to feel helpless to save them from life’s awful trials.
            And I never intended from the first to make things so hard with Lily. Yes, okay, the “Sun’s Rival” thing was a calculated choice, but hey. Curses happen. Ask your wife. With “Surrogate Sea”, though… That wasn’t my fault. And Edgwyn, sweetie, don’t for one moment think it was yours. Children will be children. Teenagers, it seems, will be teenagers. Humans will inevitably be human. Choices will often be bad.
            Maybe this isn’t the “happy ever after” you signed up for, back in Book Two. Then again, your heart’s one of the wisest I’ve ever seen. I’d not be surprised if you not only knew the risks, but embraced them.
            You deserve better than this, Edgwyn Wyle. But even an author-parent can only protect you from so much. You understand. Better than most.

Love you always,

            ~ Danielle

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As ever,
Fare thee well, friend!